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Email me at david@davidtue.com. You can also follow me on Twitter at @DavidTue1 or on my Facebook page.
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New York Giants
Former Mets Fan (until Bill Maher sells his share of the team, I will neither follow nor support them)
Former Knicks Fan (until Dolan sells the team, I will have nothing to do with a team whose management allowed Isiah Thomas to do what he did)
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About this Blog
Hi. I’m David Tue. Except if you are one of my friends from a past Bible study. There, they called me David Berean. My passion to dig deeper into the Word earned me that nickname. I have this desire to understand the significance of…





You might be asking yourself, why should I read anything on this guy’s website? Great question. I like people who question things. I’m the same way. My answer: Since we both like to question things, it’s possible I’ve already asked your question. Or one you haven’t thought of yet.

The What

Following are some of the things you will find on this site:

Posts about the attributes of God.
When I write about “What God is,” I am talking about His attributes. I’ve come to recognize most Christians don’t know them, don’t appreciate them or have not been well-taught about them. An unfamiliarity of the attributes of God will lead to an unclear picture of God and to bad theology. In other words, you can’t know God and His Truth without first understanding what He is. Without this, it is impossible to have a deep relationship with God. (BTW – I am writing a series called “Why God is so Amazing” about His attributes. The first installment is available on Amazon here.)
Posts on popular Christian beliefs that may not be correct.
These are not about the core Christian tenets of the Faith. I’m not starting a new sect or religion. This is pure Christianity. We’re not questioning the Trinity, the Christology of Jesus, salvation by grace or any of the beliefs that define us as Christian. However, I do re-evaluate non-core teachings that nevertheless impact our faith. These may be controversial. Whenever you disagree with the majority belief, you are criticized for it. But I will lay out my findings, display the evidence and ask you to decide. (BTW – I’ve already written the book, “Rethinking Some Popular Christian Teachings”, which will be published sometime in the next year.)
Posts on what I am learning
Only God is omniscient, which means the rest of us will always have something to learn. As for what I’m learning, I’ll post as I fact-find and research. I might end up where I began, but I’m happy to share the adventure with you if you want to listen.
Posts on my own writing experience
Since I’ve just begun to blog, I recognize this is a journey. In an effort to be transparent, I will share my experiences: what’s going on, what I’m up to, what I’ve learned and anything else that might be interesting (and can fit in under 1000 words).
Why Have I Created This Site?
Having been a pastor and Bible teacher, I realize that many Christians are not being properly fed. When I was a pastor, I met with every member of the church for “Individual Shepherding”. Every week, I would spend an hour with them to teach them one-to-one. I believe Jesus did this with His disciples (To see this in the Bible, you need to know the historical context, understand the historical definition of the terms Rabbi and Disciple and read between the lines of the Gospels). In the old days, pastors would visit their parishioners to mentor them.

Today, churches have become large organizations and pastors don’t have the ability to meet their sheep individually. Christians are looking to grow in their faith but their options are limited. The pulpit is being used to teach milk, not meat. Most pastors don’t know the names of the people in their church. For different reasons, many of you are afraid to ask your pastor questions. The result: Churches with disconnected people never growing deep in their faith and knowledge.

While I cannot give you “Individual Shepherding”, I can give you connection. It’s not face-to-face and it really doesn’t take the place of what a true pastor/mentor should be. However, it is an opportunity for you to gain access to an authority who can teach you things you’ve wanted to know.

Your Role
When I would preach, the rule was that anyone could interrupt at any time to ask questions or share something pertinent to the message. I know when I’m the one listening, I often have input that would be helpful for others to hear. You’ve probably never experienced that in your church, but that is a goal here.

While I’m out here posting each week, I would rather not speak to a bunch of well-fed porkers! My desire is that you will join me in this work. You have a role in this community. Read the posts. Check my work. Comment on the blogs and share what you think. Let me know if you find any errors in my thinking. I’m not about forcing my views; I’m about finding the Truth. I’ve been wrong before.

I also hope you will help me find topics to research. Maybe there is some Christian teaching out there that you think might be wrong or just doesn’t feel right: let me know and it might be the next project and/or post. As an example, one of the chapters in my book “Rethinking Some Popular Christian Teachings” is about the Holy Spirit living within us. This came about when my wife Jackie was studying about God’s attributes and asked me, “How can a Holy God, perfect and pure, live inside sinful humans?” Great question!

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the exact type of person who’s looking to share a little time with me. You might as well join me in this community. Sign up to join the growing list of modern-day Bereans, looking for the Truth in His Word, the Bible, and growing deeper in relationship with Him.

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Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~  Leo Tolstoy

My Story:
David&Jackie Outdoors GlowJackie is my amazing wife. We’ve been married 35 years. She’s my best friend and helps me with putting this site together. Our two children have left the nest and are themselves parents. Combined, I have six grandchildren – five boys and a girl.

I was brought up and served as a Presbyterian. PCUSA to be exact. Then I accidentally came to know the Lord (thank you God for drawing me!) I questioned how I could be so involved with the church for 35+ years and not know about a relationship with God. I began to wonder, “What is wrong with the church that it took so long for me to get this message!?” That began my journey.

After a few more years at the Presbyterian Church, we spent some time at a Pentecostal Church. Then in 2003, I planted The Ark Church, a nondenominational church in Hauppauge, NY as a bi-vocational pastor. We spent several years worshiping at the Sheraton Hotel. After five years, we moved to our own place in a strip mall, next to an illegal massage parlor (which we prayed out of business – thank you God) before moving to a “warehouse” site.

Around 2012, I left the business world to go into the ministry full-time. Many saw this as a risk for us because we were not taking any salary as pastor and we were giving up our only source of income. We trusted that God would provide what we needed, when we needed it. He did (and He has!)

After thirteen years pastoring The Ark, Jackie and I felt called to become missionaries – in Florida! We spent a year sharing life and reaching out to student pilots who were learning their craft in Sanford, Florida. Most were from other countries and were Muslims or atheists.  After a year, we moved across the state to New Port Richey to help our daughter with her children. Now we are in Lakeland to help my mother care for my father who has Alzheimer’s. For the past two years, I have been writing in an effort to share what I have learned as a pastor and missionary. My goal is to do God’s work, going wherever He leads and to disciple those Christians who are seeking a deeper relationship with our God.