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Seeing Biblical Truths in a New Light


People will generally accept facts as truth only if the facts agree with what they already believe. ~ Andy Rooney

What Does it Mean that Jesus is Begotten?

What Does it Mean that Jesus is Begotten? Certainly, you have heard the term, “Jesus is the only begotten of the Father.” It’s in songs sung, sermons preached, and found in some Bible verses. But how is Jesus begotten? Does that mean that he was created? Was there a...

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Removing God

Removing God At our prayer meeting tonight, the Lord presented us with the sad situation of the children in our nation. We heard of a teen in Maryland who went to a sleepover at his friend’s home and then stabbed his friend’s brother, mother and a friend of the...

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The Moedim – Appointed Times of God

The Moedim – Appointed Times of God Many Christians are currently experiencing the season of Lent. I say “experiencing” because if one is properly observing this season, it is an experience. Lent is a time when Christians humble themselves, repent of their sinfulness,...

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How is Your Worship?

How is Your Worship? Everybody worships. Even atheists worship. They might not worship the God that created the universe and came down from heaven to bring us redemption in the person of Jesus Christ. But they do worship. They worship money, fame, their jobs, sports...

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What is True Faith?

What is True Faith? What does it mean to have faith? What is True faith? The English language is a difficult language by all accounts. People trying to learn it as a second language struggle because either there is no word that fully translates what they are trying to...

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Overcoming Pride

Overcoming Pride Almost always, those who are proud do not realize they have a pride problem. Therefore, they have a difficult time overcoming pride since they do not think that pride is a problem to begin with. They’ll agree they need to control their pride, like...

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