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Know the God you worship ♦ Trust the God you believe in


Why God is so Amazing! 30 Days to a Better Understanding of God can help you and your group grow in faith and knowledge.

A Study Guide to grow your faith. This Biblical workbook will help you better understand these four attributes of God:

  • God is Holy
  • God is Immutable
  • God is Omniscient
  • God is Omnipotent

It is written for the advanced student but is fully suitable to the beginner as well. Purchase this study workbook if you want to take your faith and relationship with God to the next level.

The book is a study manual of 147-pages. It is available here for $14.97. For volume purchases, contact me at

I pray it will bless you and deepen your relationship with our Amazing God.



The A Time for Meditation feature is very helpful in making the concepts real – more than just ideas. It helps my spirit to absorb the truths we studied.

Pati C.

I definitely have a better understanding of God.


We have enjoyed it SO much…We really got a lot out of your book! 

Colleen L.

Increased my appreciation of the Lord and Who He is.

Jean A.

If you really want to learn who God is, please read this book. Then think about how great the Lord is.

Bill V.

This is a really good book. I am really amazed and we want to start using it here in Kenya.

Tom A.


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