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Hi. I’m David Tue. Except if you are one of my friends from a past Bible study. There, they called me David Berean. My passion to dig deeper into the Word earned me that nickname. I have this desire to understand the significance of…





You might be asking yourself, why should I read anything on this guy’s website? Great question. I like people who question things. I’m the same way. My answer: Since we both like to question things, it’s possible I’ve already asked your question. Or one you haven’t thought of yet.

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~  Leo Tolstoy

My Story:
David&Jackie Outdoors Glow
Jackie is my amazing wife. We’ve been married 40 years. She’s my best friend and helps me in all areas of ministry. Our two children have left the nest and are themselves parents. Combined, we have seven grandchildren – six boys and a girl.

I was brought up and served as a Presbyterian. PCUSA to be exact. Then I accidentally came to know the Lord (thank you God for drawing me!) I questioned how I could be so involved with the church for 35+ years and not know about a relationship with God. I wondered, “What is wrong with the church that it took so long for me to get this message!?” That began my journey.

After a few more years at the Presbyterian Church, we spent some time at a Pentecostal Church. Then in 2003, God opened a door for me to plant The Ark Church, a nondenominational church in Hauppauge, NY as a bi-vocational pastor. We spent several years worshiping at the Sheraton Hotel. After five years, we moved to our own place in a strip mall, next to an illegal massage parlor (which we prayed out of business – thank you God) before moving to a “warehouse” site.

Around 2012, I left the business world to go into the ministry full-time. Many saw this as a risk for us because we were not taking any salary as a pastor and we were giving up our only source of income. We trusted that God would provide what we needed when we needed it. He did (and He has!)

After twelve years pastoring The Ark, Jackie and I were called to become missionaries – in Florida! We spent a year sharing life and reaching out to student pilots who were learning their craft in Sanford, Florida. Most were from other countries and were Muslims or atheists.  Following this, we moved around the state  for the next several years helping out our family. After six years in Florida, God called us back to New York State and we are now living in Greenwood, NY, just a few miles north of the Pennsylvania border. Here, I pastor the Boyd’s Corners Bible Church.

My goal is to do God’s work, going wherever He leads and discipling those Christians who are seeking a deeper relationship with our God.