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Seeing Biblical Truths in a New Light


People will generally accept facts as truth only if the facts agree with what they already believe. ~ Andy Rooney

The Ignorance of Christians Today

The Ignorance of Christians Today This past week, I’ve had the agony of witnessing two Christians passionately speak about their beliefs. I say agony because it was devastating to see the ignorance of Christians today, including pastors. As I write that, I wonder if...

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What Does Heterosis have to do with Prophecy?

What Does Heterosis have to do with Prophecy? If you look up the word Heterosis, you will find that it is a scientific term regarding genetics. It means that the trait of an offspring (plant, animal, etc) is superior to the same trait in the parents. In other words,...

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What are the Offices of Christ?

What are the Offices of Christ? Before we discuss the offices of Christ, we need to first define what is meant by “offices.” We are not speaking about office space, the corner office, the office with the mahogany desk. The term “office” means an obligation, a charge,...

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Righteousness and The Law

Righteousness and The Law Those who have followed me for a while should recognize that most of my teachings deal with topics that are misunderstood by many Christians. Today’s topic, Righteousness and the Law, is in many ways the epitome of this. In Christianity, when...

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Jesus the Hotheaded?

Jesus the Hotheaded? There seems to be some concern regarding Jesus’ temperament. This comes from Mark 11:12-14. Jesus curses a fig tree for not having fruit even though it wasn’t the season for figs. Jesus the hotheaded! Why would anyone want to follow someone like...

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