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Kenya Trip

While I was away in Kenya, I attempted to keep my friends updated with reports of my experiences during the trip. Since I know not everyone was able to read those updates, I wanted to share them here.

Before going there, here is the introduction – why I was in Kenya in the first place.

Why Kenya?

Last year, while I was writing my book, “Why God is so Amazing,” I met Pastor Tom Abungu during a Pastors Prayer meeting. I learned Tom was here trying to raise funds for the many outreaches he is in charge of: a primary school, a high school, an orphanage, and a water well ministry that builds wells in villages that don’t have access to water.

Pastor Tom asked me what I did. I told him I was writing a book and he asked if he could get a copy when it was done. Sometime last year, I forwarded him a pre-published copy electronically and then forgot about it.

Several months later, I received an email from Pastor Tom saying how much he liked the book. He asked if I would be willing to go out to Kenya to teach the contents of the book to Pastors in Nairobi and in the villages of Kenya. Though I know I couldn’t really afford it, I agreed to do it since Jackie and I felt that it was a door that God was opening for His purposes.

So that’s the quick summary of why I was in Kenya. Following are the posts I made during the week. I didn’t have internet access the first few days I was there, so the posts start about 4 days into the trip…

Hope this touches your heart to remember that we have brothers and sisters in other parts of the world that will share the Kingdom of God with us forever and that God is working through us here to help bring His glory to the ends of the Earth.

Posts from Kenya:

Jan 31 – Today we left Nairobi to head to Siaya. 9 hours on the bus, then about 30 minutes in a truck. Tomorrow, we’ve got the first of several meetings at 10:30 to teach some of the pastors in the area. Looking forward to what God will do.

Feb1 – Thanks for all your prayers. Please continue because God is listening!

We had another great day today. I visited a new high school that Pastor Tom is building. There are about 40 children, 20 who stay overnight. There’s a tremendous amount of work still to do. Pastor Tom will be coming to the US to try to raise funds.

I also had the opportunity to speak to the leaders in Urimba to teach them my book, the reason the book is needed and the holiness of God. It was well received. Since I was only able to bring 20 books, they need to be shared. The leaders determined to take their allotment and let their congregations borrow them. Meanwhile, they could use some Bibles. $12.00 each, if anyone would like to donate, let me know.

Great day. We’ll do it again tomorrow in a different town.

Feb 2 – Another great day in Kenya. Today we were in Sidonda. The gathering was great: about 40 people, similar to yesterday. After I taught, Pastor Tom continued teaching out of the book. People are really excited to read it and teach it. In fact, they were so happy, they gave me a chicken… Please keep praying that God is glorified throughout the trip. God bless!

Feb 3 – Another blessed day! Pastors taught and thankful for the teachings from my book. I thought today I would share a bit about the environment here. The pics are taken on the way back from the church. And I’ve included two videos of where I’m staying. Check them out…


Feb 8 – Back home in New Port Richey! Thanks for all your prayers. God is good! His hands were upon us throughout the 10 days. Please keep praying for the people of Kenya. I was blessed to share teachings from my book and to meet similar minded pastors who recognize the need for the church to become more mature and less like the world. For those who would like to check out the book, you can find it here: Meanwhile, here are two final pics that I think show both the beauty and the problems in Kenya. God bless all of you who kept us in prayer throughout the trip.

One final comment:

After I returned, I found out that one of the Pastors from one of the villages had passed away the day I was flying home. Pastor Richard Hills didn’t seem sick and he wasn’t an older man. He leaves behind three children. Please pray that his children find a home and a family that will care for them. Pastor Hills is the man in the middle…